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Translation process
  • Translations can be made directly.
  • Translation suggestions can be made.
  • Any authenticated user can contribute.
  • The translation uses bilingual files.
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We won't support translation of the following pages:
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Once you've finished, use the "Upload translation" option in the "Files" menu on the same page you downloaded them from.
當你完成時,使用下載翻譯時的 "檔案" 選單中的 "上傳翻譯" 進行上傳。
12 months ago
Choose your favorite text-, code- or PO-editor (e.g. <a href="">Poedit</a>)
選擇你喜歡的文字、代碼或 PO 編輯器(例如 <a href="">Poedit</a>)
12 months ago
Click on &quot;Files&quot; and then select &quot;Download translation as gettext PO&quot;
點擊 &quot;檔案&quot; 並且選擇 &quot;下載翻譯檔,格式為 gettext PO&quot;
12 months ago
If you don't want to translate using Weblate, or want to make a lot a changes at once, you can also translate offline. To do so:
如果您不想使用 Weblate 進行翻譯,或是想一次進行大範圍的翻譯,您也可以選擇離線翻譯。若想這麼做:
12 months ago
Once you’ve selected a project, you can provide suggestions for strings that have not yet been translated, or suggest changes to strings that have already been translated. These suggestions will be evaluated by a translation team member and they will choose the most appropriate one. For a more info on Weblate, you can refer to its <a href="">documentation</a>.
當你選擇了一個項目,你就可以對尚未翻譯的字串提供翻譯,或是對已經翻譯的字串提出建議。這些翻譯會經由翻譯小組的評估,選擇出最適當的一個。更多有關 Weblate 的訊息可以參考<a href="">文件</a>。
12 months ago
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