Ensure the OS updates subheading copy is correct after finishing updates
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Performance improvements
Perform updates without administrator permissions
Ensure apps on the homepage are more reliably displayed
More reliably set the Dock badge number
Only check for updates at device startup if it's more than 24 hours since we last checked
Reduce slowdowns when opening certain apps
Extension improvements
To de-clutter the updates view, extensions are now only shown if they require updates
Clicking an extension on an app's info page now shows details for the extension
Swap the main and overlay icons for extensions to more clearly associate extensions with their app
Keyboard improvements
Pressing down in the search field moves the keyboard focus to the search results list
Ctrl+F now moves the cursor to the search field
Use configured network proxy settings for apt operations
No longer prompt for approval to update non-curated apps
Ensure the OS updates subheading copy is correct after finishing updates
Ellipsize long app names in App Info views
And more
Show a more informative loading screen when checking for updates
Don't list fonts alongside apps
Prevent crashes when updating Flatpaks and system packages simultaneously
Prevent suspending when installing, updating, or removing packages
Minor fixes
Update application details when changes happen outside of AppCenter
Fix for notification not appearing when a restart is required
Apps in list views now load in the correct order when scrolling
Prevent unescaped XML entities from appearing in application names
Load the "Installed" view faster
Ensure flatpak applications show in the category views
Save some bandwidth by downloading smaller screenshots where appropriate
System components no longer have an "Open" button


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