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Minor updates
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Fix missing privacy policy in payments dialog
Show in-app notification when an app is installed
Add contextual badges to notifications
Ensure Home button is usable during search
Ask the user to manually restart if we can't ask the session to prompt
Improve styling and contrast of buttons
More concise and consistent language
Fully uninstall Flatpaks, including locales
Still fetch screenshots from remotes that don't include proper headers
Fix truncated footer buttons
Only show Mail button when a usable mail app is installed
Fix some apps incorrectly showing as not installed during search
Show an error dialog when opening an app fails
Correctly display names of Flatpak runtime updates
Minor updates Mencari untuk kemas kini
New features
Support system-wide Flatpak remotes
Fix Flatpak runtime updates getting stuck
Fix long origin comboboxes breaking the header layout
When apps are available from multiple sources, prefer installed version, then prefer Flatpak
Improve search performance
Improve update badge styling and category styling
Ensure AppCenter is reopened at the correct position
Clicking the updates badge in the header navigates to the updates view
Ensure all updatable Flatpak runtimes are listed for update
Performance improvements
Perform updates without administrator permissions
Ensure apps on the homepage are more reliably displayed
More reliably set the Dock badge number
Only check for updates at device startup if it's more than 24 hours since we last checked


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Check fMinor Uupdates
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