New features:
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Calculator 计算器
Solve simple equations 解决简单的公式计算
A simple calculator for everyday use. It supports basic and some scientific calculations including trigonometry functions, sin, cos, and tan. 一款能满足日常计算需求的计算器。支持基础计算和部分科学计算。
Minor updates: 次要更新:
Showing advanced controls only affects the focused window
Focus the main text entry on startup
Show the correct window title in Multitasking View
Updated translations 更新翻译
Added 'New Window' Desktop Action
New features: 新特性:
Add a "Clear History" button to the history dialog
Fixed an issue with multiple windows
More informative copy in history dialog
Add log and inverse trigonometric functions 新增日志功能及反三角函数
Other updates: 其他更新:
Fix an issue with negative decimals without leading digits 修复负小数在整数位省缺时出现的问题
More efficient state saving 优化状态保存
Use slim titlebar 使用细标题栏
Fix inserting multi-byte characters 修复插入多字节字符
Fix missing icon for Ukrainian 修复乌克兰语下丢失的图标
Animate Infobar when hiding and showing 信息栏增隐藏或显示时展示动画
Fix selection replace 修复选定内容替换
Improved decimal separator localization 改进的小数分隔符位置
elementary, Inc. elementary LLC.
Calculation;Mathematics;Arithmetic;Scientific; 计算器;数学;算数;科学;


New features:
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