Ellipsize event participant details if necessary
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A slim, lightweight calendar app that syncs and manages multiple calendars in one place, like Google Calendar, Outlook and CalDAV. Ett smidigt och lätt kalenderprogram som synkar och hanterar flera kalendrar på en plats, såsom Google Calendar, Outlook och CalDAV.
New Features:
Add "Duplicate..." option to event context menu
Minor Updates:
Fix an issue where new events could appear twice in Calendar
"Mark as default calendar" box is now correctly checked when editing a calendar
Updated translations
Allow modification of recurring events
Improve handling of week start day
Fix timezone errors with all-day events
Don't resize the sidebar when resizing the window
Fix issues with time zones not being recognized
Fix several issues with adding and removing monthly recurring events
Correctly save event reminders
Ellipsize event participant details if necessary
Fix unwanted rescheduling when editing event title
Fix crash when editing an event with no location
Fix potential crash when loading events with no start or end time
Make agenda pane fill the whole space
Set the suggested time for new events to the next whole hour
Fix issues with recurring events
Performance improvements
Present import window when opening ICS files
Add a search entry for calendars
Always use calendar icon in notifications
Agenda view can now be navigated by keyboard
Right-to-left improvements
Various UI overhauls including lime accent color
Overall code cleanup and rewrites
Styling adjustments


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