Code no longer crashes when asked to open an unknown URI format
Context English Romanian State
Smart indentation and .editorconfig support
Browser-class tabs with drag-and-drop, duplication, undo closing, and tab history
Display the current line and character—and quickly jump to a new line
Scroll past the end of the file so you can keep the current line where it's comfortable
Optional mini-map to make navigating large files easier
The current document filename is now shown as the window title in multitasking view
Hidden folders are now shown in the project sidebar
The currently selected result and the number of results is displayed while searching
The search bar now has a regular expression mode
It is now possible to change Git branch with untracked files present in a project
Crashes are prevented while searching in large projects
The correct document is now focused after opening Code from an external program
Line duplication is now actioned correctly if there is no selection present
Code no longer crashes when asked to open an unknown URI format
Minor updates:
Updated translations
Projects with the same name now include their parent folder name as well
When scrolling to search results, overshoot slightly for better visibility
Use the FileChooser portal instead of the one from GTK
Center the global search dialog over the main Code window
Fix visibility of Terminal button on Welcome page
Fix some keyboard shortcuts affecting unfocused Document instead of focused Terminal
Close Terminal if shell exited and create new Terminal if re-opened with no shell
"Visible whitespace" combobox is now a switch
Fix crash when creating new window from tab drop
Ensure files created from the sidebar are automatically opened
Hide project chooser button when hiding sidebar
Ensure all copy is translatable
New features:


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