Allow Spell Checker extension in Markdown files
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Additional features include: Caracteristicile suplimentare includ:
syntax highlighting with gtksourceview-3 evidențierea sintaxei cu gtksourceview-3
a find bar to search the words in the files bară de căutare pentru a căuta cuvintele in fișiere
tab and split documents system sistem de file și divizarea documentelor
lots of others multe altele
New features:
New Markdown plugin for WYSIWYG-like editing.
Switch Git branches or create new ones in project folder context menus
Show Git diff status in source view gutters
Full text search within project folder.
Save and restore cursor position between sessions
Close files from a project when that project is closed
Show full file path in tab tooltips
Clear lines with Ctrl + K
Minor updates:
Allow Spell Checker extension in Markdown files
Improve multi-line duplication
Remember whether the sidebar is open
Set window title to the focused file
Add keyboard shortcuts for next and previous documents
Show full document path in tab tooltip
Update Pastebin plugin
Correctly indent last line when using the preserve whitespace plugin
Keep syntax highlighting when duplicating a file evidențierea sintaxei cu gtksourceview-3
Expand a collapsed folder if you attempt to open it twice
Fix an issue where searches are lost when Code loses focus
Start Vim plugin in command mode
Fix and add new Vim commands
Show project folders with a hidden root folder
Allow launching with pkexec and disallow launching with sudo
Remove split view


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