More efficiently save and restore window position
Context English Uyghur State
Additional features include: باشقا ئالاھىدىلىكلىرى تۆۋەندىكىچە:
syntax highlighting with gtksourceview-3 gtksourceview-3نى گىرامماتىكىلىق كۆرسىتەلەيدۇ،
a find bar to search the words in the files ھۆججەت ئىچىدىكى سۆزلەرنى ئىزلىيەلەيدۇ،
tab and split documents system خەتكۈچ ۋە بەلگە سىستىمىسى
lots of others ۋە باشقا نۇرغۇنلار
New features:
New Markdown plugin for WYSIWYG-like editing.
Minor updates:
Allow Spell Checker extension in Markdown files
Remember whether the sidebar is open
Add keyboard shortcuts for next and previous documents
Show full document path in tab tooltip
Fix empty sidebar layout, ensuring folders can always be added
Scroll past the end of a file
More efficiently save and restore window position
Updated translations
Include Git status in file tooltips
Option for explicit case-sensitive Find
Other updates:
Correctly show Toggle Comment menu item when no text is selected
Fixed font switch alignment
New "Close Other Folders" menu item to help clean up your sidebar
Save and restore cyclic search setting
Add keyboard shortcuts to menu items
Make sidebar folder items not selectable
Center new windows
Visually deprioritize .gitignored files in project sidebar
Smart cut/copy lines with no active selection
Add a confirmation dialog to the "Restore" action
Add "Open In" menu to the top-level folder in the folder manager


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English Uyghur
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