Context English Esperanto State
Move to Workspace Left Movu maldekstren de laborspaco
Move to Workspace Right Movu dekstren de laborspaco
Take Screenshot Ekrankopioj
Close Fermi
Unmaximize Malmaksimumigi
Maximize Maksimumigi
Change Wallpaper…
Display Settings…
System Settings…
Multitasking & Window Management Plurtaskado kaj Fenestromastrumado
A window & compositing manager for Pantheon Fenestra & komposta mastrumilo por Pantheon
A window & compositing manager based on libmutter and designed by elementary for use with Pantheon. Mastrumilo fenestra kaj kunmeta bazita sur libmutter kaj projektita de elementary por uzado kun Panteono.
Fix shadow clipping on server-side decorated windows
Improvements: Plibonigoj:
Support for high-resolution scroll events
Redesigned Alt + Tab switcher
Dim the parents of modal dialogs
Dialogs fall down on parents instead of shooting out
Updated translations Ĝisdatigitaj tradukoj
Fix a potential crash when taking screenshots Ripari eblan kolapson post ekrankopii
New features:
Stash the picture-in-picture window by pushing it off screen
Fix a potential crash while changing wallpapers Ripari eblan kolapson post ekrankopii
Include window decorations in screenshots for server-side decorated windows
Add multitouch gestures
Show window titles in multitasking view
Close the Alt + Tab switcher by pressing Esc without releasing Alt
Increase maximum zoom level and provide feedback when unable to zoom
Show a context menu when secondary clicking the background
Component Translation Difference to current string
This translation Propagated Translated Desktop/Gala
The following strings have the same context and source.
Propagated Not translated Desktop/Feedback (Extra)
Propagated Translated Desktop/Granite (Extra)
Propagated Not translated Desktop/Greeter (Extra)


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