HiDPI fixes
Context English Galician State
Dialogs fall down on parents instead of shooting out
Fix a potential crash when taking screenshots
New features:
Stash the picture-in-picture window by pushing it off screen
Fix a potential crash while changing wallpapers
Include window decorations in screenshots for server-side decorated windows
Add multitouch gestures
Show window titles in multitasking view
Close the Alt + Tab switcher by pressing Esc without releasing Alt
Increase maximum zoom level and provide feedback when unable to zoom
Show a context menu when secondary clicking the background
New Dwell Click and Locate Pointer animations
Add Take Screenshot to window context menu
Always play shutter sound when taking screenshots
Minor visual improvements
HiDPI fixes
Performance improvements
Fix “Always on Visible Workspace” windows disappearing when changing workspaces
Fix windows on non-primary displays disappearing when changing workspaces
Fix crash when changing workspaces while a transient window is opening
Don't show Gala Background Services in the dock
Fixes for media key handling
Show keyboard shortcuts in HeaderBar menus
Improve window shadows for legacy apps
Fix potential crash when taking screenshots
Fix notification position after changing DPI
Fix animations for moving and maximizing tiled windows
elementary, Inc. elementary, Inc.
Multitasking View Vista multitarefa
View all open windows and workspaces Ver todas as xanelas abertas e os espazos de traballo


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English Galician
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