Context English Chinese (Simplified) State
Always on Top 总在最前
Always on Visible Workspace 总在可见工作区
Move to Workspace Left 移至左侧工作区
Move to Workspace Right 移至右侧工作区
Take Screenshot 截屏
Close 关闭
Untile 取消平铺
Unmaximize 还原
Maximize 最大化
Change Wallpaper… 更改壁纸…
Display Settings… 显示设置…
System Settings… 系统设置…
Multitasking & Window Management 多任务处理 & 窗口管理
A window & compositing manager for Pantheon 基于 Pantheon 桌面环境的窗口&管理器
A window & compositing manager based on libmutter and designed by elementary for use with Pantheon. elementary 为 Pantheon 桌面环境设计的基于 libmutter 的窗口&管理器。
Improvements: 改进:
Fix a potential crash when taking screenshots 修复截屏时潜在的崩溃问题
Updated translations 翻译更新
New features:
Stash the picture-in-picture window by pushing it off screen
Fix a potential crash while changing wallpapers 修复截屏时潜在的崩溃问题
Include window decorations in screenshots for server-side decorated windows
Add multitouch gestures
Show window titles in multitasking view
Close the Alt + Tab switcher by pressing Esc without releasing Alt 不放开 Alt 键的情况下也能通过 Esc 键退出 Alt + Tab 切换器
Increase maximum zoom level and provide feedback when unable to zoom 提高最大缩放级别,无法缩放时提供反馈
Show a context menu when secondary clicking the background 次要键单击背景时将显示菜单
New Dwell Click and Locate Pointer animations
Add Take Screenshot to window context menu
Always play shutter sound when taking screenshots 修复截屏时潜在的崩溃问题
Minor visual improvements
Component Translation Difference to current string
This translation Propagated Translated Desktop/Gala
The following strings have the same context and source.
Propagated Not translated Desktop/Feedback (Extra)
Propagated Translated Desktop/Granite (Extra)
Propagated Not translated Desktop/Greeter (Extra)


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