New features:
Context English Galician State
Toasts now reset their timeout when sending a new notification and the timeout is stopped while hovering
Backslash, Right Control, and Left Control are now handled by accel_to_string
Make tab tooltips of DynamicNotebook settable
Timepicker corrrectly fires time_changed when AM and PM buttons are selected
Granite.MessageDialog now uses the messagedialog CSS name
Visible child name is now properly synced in Granite.SettingsSidebar
Status can be set in Granite.AbstractSettingsPage on construct
New Style Constants:
Several theming utilities. Use Gtk.CssProvider and Gtk.StyleContext instead
Granite.Services.SimpleCommand. Use GLib.AppInfo.create_from_commandline instead
Old unused utilities like get_button_layout_schema, get_default_close_button_position, and Granite.Services.Paths
Old unused widgets like CollapsiblePaned and CompositedWindow
Granite.SourceList now gets Gtk.STYLE_CLASS_SIDEBAR by default
New features:
New Settings class to share Pantheon desktop settings with apps
Introduced Settings.prefers_color_scheme to get a user's color scheme preference, i.e. for a dark style
It is now recommended to use GLib.Settings instead of Granite.Services.Settings
Better align labels in settings sidebars
Make AccelLabel.label settable
New features
Add tooltips to source list items and their actions
New AccelLabel widget for use in menus and popovers
Delay tab resizing when closing tabs
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English Galician
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