Several functions in System were replaced by GLib.AppInfo
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Granite.Placeholder: replaces AlertView and Welcome
SimpleSettingsPage: Allow markup in description
Application: use Gtk.Application instead
Drawing: Use Gtk.CSS
DynamicNotebook: use Adw.TabBar instead
Logger: use GLib.log instead
ModeButton: Use Gtk.ToggleButton with the "group" property and "linked" style class instead
Paths: use GLib.Environment instead
Services.Settings: use GLib.Settings instead
SimpleCommand: use GLib.AppInfo.create_from_commandline instead Granite.Services.SimpleCommand. Gebruik in plaats daarvan GLib.AppInfo.create_from_commandline
SourceList: use Gtk.ListBox with the "sidebar" style class instead
TextStyle: use style class constants instead
Several functions in System were replaced by GLib.AppInfo
min_length property for Granite.ValidatedEntry
Granite.HyperTextView for navigatable URLs in text views
Prevent crashing on environments without dark style preference support
Use values from the Settings Portal when possible
Disable horizontal scrolling by default in SettingsPage
Ensure accel_to_string works with multiple modifiers
Fix locale issues in Flatpaks
TRANSITION_DURATION_IN_PLACE for consistent in-place widget transformations
Other Changes: Andere wijzigingen:
accel_to_string handles accel markup without modifiers or that are only modifiers
Granite.Dialog replaces Gtk.Dialog for consistent styling
Granite.SwitchModelButton for use in Gtk.Popover menus
Granite.ValidatedEntry for client-side verification in forms


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