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Granite Гранит
Build consistent and usable apps more quickly and easily Изградите доследне и употребљиве програме брже и лакше
A companion library for GTK and GLib that provides complex widgets and convenience methods designed for use in apps built for elementary OS. Пратећа библиотека за Гтк и Гбибл која пружа сложене елементе и методе погодности осмишљене за употребу у програмима изграђеним за елементари ОС.
Use values from the Settings Portal when possible
Disable horizontal scrolling by default in SettingsPage
Updated translations Освежени преводи
Ensure accel_to_string works with multiple modifiers
Fix locale issues in Flatpaks
TRANSITION_DURATION_IN_PLACE for consistent in-place widget transformations „TRANSITION_DURATION_OPEN“ и „TRANSITION_DURATION_CLOSE“ за доследне анимације
Other Changes: Остале измене:
accel_to_string handles accel markup without modifiers or that are only modifiers
Granite.Dialog replaces Gtk.Dialog for consistent styling
Granite.SwitchModelButton for use in Gtk.Popover menus
Granite.ValidatedEntry for client-side verification in forms
New Constants: Нове константе:
TOOLTIP_SECONDARY_TEXT_MARKUP for smaller second line text in Gtk.Tooltips
SMALL_LABEL for smaller Gtk.Labels without Pango


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