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Login & Lock Screen
Unlock or log in to your device डिव्हाइस अनलॉक करा किंवा आपल्या डिव्हाइसवर लॉग इन करा
New Features:
Provide panel background color interface
Minor updates:
Updated translations अद्ययावत भाषांतर
Fix a random issue where Greeter does not load correctly on boot
Hide clock during initial setup
Use selected accent color for logged in checkmark
Add multitouch finger tracking
Add keyboard layout support
New colorful avatar fallbacks
Fix clock when resuming from sleep
Fix an issue with media keys मीडिया की सह अडचणीचे निराकरण करा
Ensure that manual login is available when users are hidden वापरकर्ते लपवलेले असताना मॅन्युअल लॉगिन उपलब्ध असल्याचे सुनिश्चित करा
Save last user on attempted login प्रयत्न केलेल्या लॉगिनवर शेवटचा वापरकर्ता जतन करा
Handle all background aspect ratios सर्व पार्श्वभूमी पैलू गुणोत्तर हाताळा
Give non-focused user cards smaller usernames केंद्रित नसलेल्या वापरकर्ता कार्डांना लहान वापरकर्तानावे द्या
Better respect NumLock settings नूमलॉक सेटिंग्जचा आदर करणे बरें
Enable sounds in greeter ग्रीटरमध्ये आवाज सक्षम करा
Component Translation Difference to current string
This translation Propagated Translated Desktop/Greeter (Extra)
The following strings have the same context and source.
Propagated Translated Desktop/Captive Portal Assistant (Extra)
Propagated Translated Desktop/Shortcut Overlay (Extra)
Propagated Translated Desktop/Polkit Agent (Extra)
Propagated Translated Desktop/Gala
Propagated Translated Desktop/Sideload (Extra)
Propagated Not translated Desktop/Notifications (Extra)
Propagated Translated Desktop/Feedback (Extra)
Propagated Translated Desktop/Granite (Extra)
Propagated Translated Desktop/GeoClue2 Agent (Extra)


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New translation

Desktop / Greeter (Extra)Marathi

Updated translations
अद्ययावत भाषांतर
2 years ago
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