elementary, Inc.
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This translation Propagated Translated Desktop/Sideload (Extra)
The following strings have the same context and source.
Propagated Translated Desktop/Polkit Agent (Extra)
Propagated Translated Desktop/Captive Portal Assistant (extra)
Propagated Translated Desktop/Gala
Propagated Translated Desktop/Notifications (Extra)
Propagated Translated Desktop/Feedback (Extra)
Propagated Translated Desktop/Shortcut Overlay Extra
Propagated Translated Desktop/Granite (Extra)
Propagated Translated Desktop/GeoClue2 Agent (Extra)
Propagated Translated Desktop/Greeter (Extra)


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New translation

Desktop / Sideload (Extra)Hebrew

elementary, Inc.
elementary בע״מ
a year ago
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Desktop / Sideload (Extra)Hebrew

New contributor a year ago
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Source string comment

This should not be translated, right? I get an error saying the string matches, but there is no way to translate this into Norwegian.

2 months ago

Things to check

Mismatched full stop

Source and translation do not both end with a full stop



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a year ago
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a year ago
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po/extra/he.po, string 8