elementary, Inc.
Context English Serbian State
Sideload Учитавање са стране
Install apps downloaded from the Internet Инсталирајте програме преузете са Интернета
Sideload Flatpak apps per user and automatically add their remotes to AppCenter. Sideload shows important information about apps before you install like their download size. Учитајте са стране програме Флатпака по кориснику и аутоматски додајте њихове удаљене Програмском центру. Постранично учитавање приказује важне информације о програмима пре њиховог инсталирања као што је вечићина преузимања.
Fix blurry app icon in multitasking view
Updated translations Освежени преводи
Use system Flatpak runtimes for locally installed apps
Control notifications in System Settings
Offer to trash Flatpak files after installing
Support dark style
Support Flatpak bundle files
Fix crashes on installation failure
Link to System Settings → Applications → Permissions
Show app name in the main view once it's loaded Приказује назив програма у главном прегледу након његовог учитавања
Improve performance of download size calculation Побољшава учинковитост израчунавања величине преузимања
First release. Hello world! Прво издање. Здраво свима!
elementary, Inc. elementary, Inc.
Flatpak Installer Флатпак инсталер
io.elementary.sideload io.elementary.sideload
flatpak; флатпак;
Component Translation Difference to current string
This translation Propagated Translated Desktop/Sideload (Extra)
The following strings have the same context and source.
Propagated Not translated Desktop/Portals (Extra)
Propagated Not translated Desktop/Flatpak Platform
Propagated Translated Desktop/Captive Portal Assistant (Extra)
Propagated Not translated Desktop/Settings Daemon
Propagated Translated Desktop/Shortcut Overlay (Extra)
Propagated Translated Desktop/Polkit Agent (Extra)
Propagated Translated Desktop/Gala
Propagated Translated Desktop/Notifications (Extra)
Propagated Translated Desktop/Feedback (Extra)
Propagated Translated Desktop/Granite (Extra)
Propagated Translated Desktop/GeoClue2 Agent (Extra)
Propagated Translated Desktop/Greeter (Extra)


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Translation changed

Desktop / Sideload (Extra)Serbian

elementary, Inc.
elementary, Inc.
10 months ago
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Translation changed

Desktop / Sideload (Extra)Serbian

elementary, Inc.
elementary, Inc.
10 months ago
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New translation

Desktop / Sideload (Extra)Serbian

elementary, Inc.
elementary, Inc.
10 months ago
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This should not be translated, right? I get an error saying the string matches, but there is no way to translate this into Norwegian.

9 months ago

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English Serbian
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