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Fix crash when pressing Enter and another key at the same time
Fix pathbar handling of "~" and ".." in path
Filechooser pathbar no longer crashes when invoked from a Flatpak
Do not show git status for repositories on FUSE filesystems to prevent possible blocking
"Personal" is now "Bookmarks"
Add warning and error colored disk usage bars when disk becomes too full
Prevent window resizing when filename column width exceeds available space
Fix handling of filenames containing the # character
Fix regressions regarding pathbar context menus and clicking
Paste images into other apps instead of file paths where possible
Paste into a selected folder when using Ctrl + V
Show file info overlay in List View as well
Traverse search results with Tab key
Show an error message when attempting to open trashed files
Fix uneditable area in pathbar which is showing home folder placeholder
Fix an issue that prevented file modification times from showing
Fix size of restored tiled window
Fix color tags disappearing when thumbnails hidden
Fix crash when a device icon is coming from a file
Fix device icon sometimes missing
Fix occasional view freeze after renaming
Improve renaming logic when dealing with leading/trailing whitespace
Fix breadcrumbs sometimes incorrect at startup
Do not show file:// prefix in navigation buttons menus
Fix "New Folder" keyboard shortcut label in menu
Fix navigation with back/forward button context menu
Fix path bar sometimes showing wrong path when closing a tab
Ensure keyboard shortcuts work immediately after creating or renaming a file
Do not include "file://" in pathbar text or when pasting path as text
Show keyboard shortcuts in menu items
Fix an issue with breadcrumbs in the file chooser


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