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Easily copy, move, and rename your files, or use folders to stay organized. Whether you like files in lists, grids or columns, you can always find them right away. Access all your files, whether locally, on an external device or remotely using FTP, SFTP, AFP, Webdav, or Windows share.
Renaming with the same name no longer shows an error dialog
Ctrl + A when renaming now selects all the text in the entry
Selecting multiple items with Shift + Arrow keys now works properly
The appearance of the cursor now matches the action
The Trash sidebar item can no longer be removed
Network sidebar plugins such as NextCloud are now added correctly
Duplication of subfolders in ListView under some circumstances is fixed
Bookmarks are now highlighted when a file they can accept is dragged onto them
Folders not being restored properly under some circumstances is fixed
Show confirmation dialog in file chooser before overwriting an existing file
Ctrl + V now always pastes into background folder
Shift + Ctrl + V now pastes into selected folder if there is one
Minor updates:
Updated translations
Show New Tab and New Window shortcuts in context menus
Double click selects instead of exiting while renaming in list view
Show public share icon in breadcrumbs
Prevent a crash when dragging to re-arrange bookmarks
Close FileChooser with Esc key
Use new emblems for git status
Show selection actions in secondary click menu
Always show Permissions page in Properties dialog
In Permissions page, show user and group numeric IDs when names not available
In Permissions page, show message when no information available
Other updates:
Only allow one FileChooser per parent window
Navigate to folder when pressing enter in FileChooser instead of selecting
Use "Send Mail" portal instead of contract, improving compatibility with alternate email apps


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