Show translated bookmark names when changing languages
Context English Estonian State
Other updates:
Only allow one FileChooser per parent window
Navigate to folder when pressing enter in FileChooser instead of selecting
Use "Send Mail" portal instead of contract, improving compatibility with alternate email apps
Add file filters and New Folder options to file chooser portal
Allow blank passwords for remote connections, e.g. for SSH via a private key
Make ejecting devices safer
Add option to stop drive if possible
Show unformatted drives and drives without media
Fix pasting of selected pathbar text into another window using middle-click
Fix selecting multiple groups of files
Allow dropping bookmark directly below the Recent bookmark
Do not show unusable drop target below the Trash bookmark
Fix sidebar showing both drive and volume for same device
Fix sidebar showing SSH servers in both Storage and Network sections
Show translated bookmark names when changing languages
Stop some audio file icons disappearing when scrolling or changing view
Stop brief appearance of status overlay when changing root folder in Column View
Remove message about reporting issues when running from Terminal
Open bookmarks in a new tab with Ctrl + Click
Fix dropping uris onto storage devices and network locations in sidebar
Fix restoring tabs after a system restart
Don't unselect when secondary clicking blank space around a file or folder
Show the folder context menu when secondary clicking outside of a selection
Fix small context menus on breadcrumbs
Fix bookmarking a single selected item with Ctrl + D
Fix renaming bookmarks in the sidebar
Fix an issue with showing color tags when thumbnails are hidden
Fix freeze when comparing copied files
Fix truncation of final column in Column View under some circumstances
Show more keyboard accelerators in menus


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