Bookmark menu option for network mounts in sidebar
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Files Filer
Browse your files Blad gjennom filer
folder;manager;explore;disk;filesystem; mappe;behandlar;handsamar;utforsk;disk;filsystem;harddisk;
File Manager Filbehandlar
system-file-manager system-file-manager
New Window Nytt vindauge
New Window As Administrator Nytt vindauge som administrator
Browse and manage files and folders Blad gjennom og behandle filer og mapper
Easily copy, move, and rename your files, or use folders to stay organized. Whether you like files in lists, grids or columns, you can always find them right away. Access all your files, whether locally, on an external device or remotely using FTP, SFTP, AFP, Webdav, or Windows share. Enkel kopiering, flytting og namngjeving av filer, eller bruk av mapper for å organisere. Det er det same om du føretrekk filene dine i lister, rutenett eller kolonnar – du kan alltid finne dei med éin gong. Du får tilgjenge til alle filene dine, anten dei er på ein lokal harddisk, ei ekstern eining eller andre stadar ved bruk av FTP, SFTP, AFP, WebDAV eller Windows-deling.
Clicking between thumbnail and text now activates/selects in Icon view
Bookmark menu option for network mounts in sidebar
Show folder item count in List View
Now shows thumbnails on locally mounted MTP and PTP devices as well as on network locations by default
Properties window: Allow the filename to be copied when it cannot be edited
Improved tooltip formatting for devices in the sidebar
Fix crash when pressing Enter and another key at the same time
Fix pathbar handling of "~" and ".." in path
Filechooser pathbar no longer crashes when invoked from a Flatpak
Do not show git status for repositories on FUSE filesystems to prevent possible blocking
Other updates:
"Personal" is now "Bookmarks"
Updated translations
Add warning and error colored disk usage bars when disk becomes too full
Prevent window resizing when filename column width exceeds available space
Fix handling of filenames containing the # character


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