Do not show git status for repositories on FUSE filesystems to prevent possible blocking
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Browse and manage files and folders 浏览和管理您的文件
Easily copy, move, and rename your files, or use folders to stay organized. Whether you like files in lists, grids or columns, you can always find them right away. Access all your files, whether locally, on an external device or remotely using FTP, SFTP, AFP, Webdav, or Windows share. 用文件夹保持文件整洁有序,在自己喜欢的视图中快速找到文件,轻松完成复制、移动和删除文件等操作。无论是内置硬盘中的文件,还是外接设备、远程设备中的文件,统统不在话下。
Fix connecting to AFP servers so that passwords are remembered
Improvements: 改进:
Do not restore locations that have become inaccessible
Clicking between thumbnail and text now activates/selects in Icon view
Bookmark menu option for network mounts in sidebar
Show folder item count in List View
Now shows thumbnails on locally mounted MTP and PTP devices as well as on network locations by default
Properties window: Allow the filename to be copied when it cannot be edited
Improved tooltip formatting for devices in the sidebar
Fix crash when pressing Enter and another key at the same time
Fix pathbar handling of "~" and ".." in path
Filechooser pathbar no longer crashes when invoked from a Flatpak
Do not show git status for repositories on FUSE filesystems to prevent possible blocking
Other updates:
"Personal" is now "Bookmarks"
Updated translations 更新翻译
Add warning and error colored disk usage bars when disk becomes too full
Prevent window resizing when filename column width exceeds available space
Fix handling of filenames containing the # character
Fix regressions regarding pathbar context menus and clicking
Paste images into other apps instead of file paths where possible
Paste into a selected folder when using Ctrl + V
Show file info overlay in List View as well
Traverse search results with Tab key
Show an error message when attempting to open trashed files
Fix uneditable area in pathbar which is showing home folder placeholder
Fix an issue that prevented file modification times from showing
Fix size of restored tiled window


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