New features:
Context English Chinese (Simplified) State
Fix occasional view freeze after renaming
Improve renaming logic when dealing with leading/trailing whitespace
Fix breadcrumbs sometimes incorrect at startup
Do not show file:// prefix in navigation buttons menus
Fix "New Folder" keyboard shortcut label in menu
Fix navigation with back/forward button context menu
Fix path bar sometimes showing wrong path when closing a tab
Ensure keyboard shortcuts work immediately after creating or renaming a file
Do not include "file://" in pathbar text or when pasting path as text
Show keyboard shortcuts in menu items
Fix an issue with breadcrumbs in the file chooser
Show a warning when ejecting a volume that's still in use
Fix cursor update after horizontal scroll in Column View
Fix folder-open icon persisting after closing Column View
Use destructive action styling for some trash dialog buttons
New features:
Initial git plugin support
Follow global history setting when restoring and saving tabs
Ensure tabs showing same folder remain synchronized
Fix drag with secondary button on empty space
Show custom media type icons for installed apps
Fix appearance of inactive diskspace indicator
Improve pathbar animation 改进地址栏动画
Update documentation 更新文档
Update translations 更新翻译
Initial cloudproviders plugin support
Fix selecting pasted files
Fix color label visibility while using dark theme
Fix selecting files using Shift key
Draw checkerboard background for image items
Improved styling for disk space bars


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