Fix F2 renaming behavior
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Launching Files from Terminal now opens new tab instead of new window
Improve MTP support 改善 MTP 支持
Various tagging feature refinements
Keyboard navigation improvements
Symlink copy and paste fixes
Avoid crash when Templates folder is null
Reduce memory footprint of FileChooserDialog
Avoid crash when selecting image file in some situations
Fix unclosable progress window while copying network files to removable storage
Fix drag and drop after double clicking a blank area
Avoid crash while scrolling over view switcher
Avoid possible crash in some copy and paste situations
Keyboard navigation fix for cherry picking select files in icon view 键盘导航修复程序,用于在图标视图中自动选择文件
Don't hardcode search placeholder text style, fixes dark theme issue 不硬编码搜索占位符文本样式,修复深色主题问题
Minor spacing adjustments to location bar 位置栏间距稍有调整
Fix F2 renaming behavior 修复 F2 重命名行为
Minor spacing adjustments to location breadcrumbs 位置面包屑导航间距稍有调整
Consistently remember color tags 始终记住颜色标签
Reload thumbnails when changing zoom level to avoid showing placeholder unnecessarily 更改缩放级别时重新加载缩略图,以避免不必要地显示占位符
Fix running scripts with spaces in filename 修复运行文件名带空格的脚本的问题
Fix high CPU regression in version 4.1.4 修复 4.1.4 版中的高 CPU 回归
File sorting fixes 文件排序修复
Meson: fix soversion names
Remove CMake build system
Fix missing File System properties menu
Drop intltool dependency
Fix default file type handler logic
Fix initial search window size too small
Add option to disable local file thumbnails
Fix crash when opening multiple video files 修复了打开多个视频文件时的崩溃
Fix some timing issues around adding and removing files


Fix F2 renaming behavior
修复 F2 重命名行为
a year ago
Fix F2 renaming behavior
a year ago
Fix F2 renaming behavior
2 years ago
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