Ensure valid tab name generation
Context English Chinese (Simplified) State
Follow global history setting when restoring and saving tabs
Ensure tabs showing same folder remain synchronized
Fix drag with secondary button on empty space
Show custom media type icons for installed apps
Fix appearance of inactive diskspace indicator
Improve pathbar animation 改进地址栏动画
Update documentation 更新文档
Update translations 更新翻译
Initial cloudproviders plugin support
Fix selecting pasted files
Fix color label visibility while using dark theme
Fix selecting files using Shift key
Draw checkerboard background for image items
Improved styling for disk space bars
Show more search results
Ensure valid tab name generation
Properly sort folders by date and size
Launching Files from Terminal now opens new tab instead of new window
Improve MTP support 改善 MTP 支持
Various tagging feature refinements
Keyboard navigation improvements
Symlink copy and paste fixes
Avoid crash when Templates folder is null
Reduce memory footprint of FileChooserDialog
Avoid crash when selecting image file in some situations
Fix unclosable progress window while copying network files to removable storage
Fix drag and drop after double clicking a blank area
Avoid crash while scrolling over view switcher
Avoid possible crash in some copy and paste situations
Keyboard navigation fix for cherry picking select files in icon view 键盘导航修复程序,用于在图标视图中自动选择文件
Don't hardcode search placeholder text style, fixes dark theme issue 不硬编码搜索占位符文本样式,修复深色主题问题


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