Improved translation support
Context English Chinese (Simplified) State
Support launching from other applications with a target file selected
New translations 更新翻译
Minor bug fixes 细节修复
Improved networking support 改善网络支持
Correct window geometry when snapping to left or right 修正窗口分屏时的几何状态
Pressing Ctrl no longer cancels renaming while the "Reveal Pointer" setting is active 启用“显示指针”功能时,按下 Ctrl 不再打断重命名操作
Switching input language cancels actions 切换输入语言时不再打断其他操作
Various crash fixes 多项崩溃修复
Web browsers like Firefox now remember the most recently used downloads directory 网页浏览器(如 Firefox)记忆常用下载位置
Remember preferred zoom level 记忆缩放等级
Improved input method support 改进输入法支持
910x640 minimum window size 最小窗口尺寸 910x640
Security fixes 安全修复
Enable drag and drop tabs between windows 新增窗口间标签拖放
Merge search functionality into Ctrl+F Ctrl + F 打开搜索功能
Improved translation support 改进翻译支持
Fix appdata release dates 修正应用数据发布日期
Improve file opening over Samba shares 改善 Samba 分享中文件的打开速度
Fix a crash when restoring items from the Trash 修复一个导致从回收站恢复项目时崩溃的 BUG
Improve cut/copy/paste sensitivity in context menu 提高上下文菜单中“剪切、复制、粘贴”的响应速度
Translation updates 翻译更新
elementary, Inc. elementary LLC.
Run Pantheon Files as Administrator 以管理员身份运行文件管理器
Authentication is required to run Files as Administrator 以管理员身份运行文件管理器需要进行验证


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