Encrypt this device's drive if required for added protection, but be sure you understand:
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There is not enough room on your device to install %s. We recommend a minimum of %s of storage.
Your Device May Be Too Slow
Your device doesn't meet the recommended hardware requirements. This may cause it to run slowly or freeze.
Connect to a Power Source
Your device is running on battery power. It's recommended to be plugged in while installing.
Your Device:
Select a Drive
This will erase all data on the selected drive. If you have not backed your data up, you can cancel the installation and use Demo Mode.
Getting the current configuration…
Erase and Install
Don’t Encrypt
Enable Drive Encryption
Encrypt this device's drive if required for added protection, but be sure you understand:
Data will only be protected from others with physical access to this device when it is shut down.
The encryption password will be required each time this device is turned on. Store it somewhere safe.
A built-in or USB keyboard will be required to type the encryption password each time this device is turned on.
If you forget the encryption password, <b>you will not be able to recover data.</b> This is a unique password for this device, not the password for your user account.
Choose Encryption Password
Confirm Password
Back Каялла
Choose Password
Set Encryption Password
Passwords do not match
Could Not Install
Installing %s failed, possibly due to a hardware error. The device may not restart properly. You can try the following:
Try the installation again
Use Demo Mode and try to manually recover
Restart the device and boot from another drive


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