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Choose Encryption Password 选择加密密码
Confirm Password 确认密码
Back 返回
Choose Password 选择密码
Set Encryption Password 设置加密密码
Passwords do not match 密码不匹配
Could Not Install 无法安装
Installing %s failed, possibly due to a hardware error. The device may not restart properly. You can try the following: 安装 %s 失败,可能是硬件错误导致的。设备可能没有正常重启。您可以尝试以下操作:
Try the installation again 尝试重新安装
Use Demo Mode and try to manually recover 进入试用模式手动恢复
Restart the device and boot from another drive 重启设备并从其他硬盘启动
Details 详情
Restart Device 重启设备
Try Demo Mode 进入试用模式
Try Installing Again 尝试重新安装
Select Keyboard Layout 选择键盘布局
Type to test your layout 输入以测试您的布局
Show keyboard layout 显示键盘布局
Select 选择
Default 默认
Input Language 输入语言
Languages 语言
Select a Language 选择语言
Currently active language 当前激活的语言
Select which partitions to use across all drives. <b>Selecting "Format" will erase ALL data on the selected partition.</b> 选择您要使用的硬盘分区。<b>选择“格式化”将会抹掉选中分区内的所有数据。</b>
You must at least select a <b>Root (/)</b> partition. 您需要选择至少一个 <b>根(/)</b> 分区。
You must at least select a <b>Root (/)</b> partition and a <b>Boot (/boot/efi)</b> partition. 您需要选择至少一个 <b>根(/)</b> 分区和一个 <b>启动(/boot/efi)</b> 分区。
It is also recommended to select a <b>Swap</b> partition. 同时建议您选择一个 <b>交换(Swap)</b> 分区。
Modify Partitions… 修改分区…
EFI partition has the wrong file system EFI 分区文件系统有误
EFI partition is too small EFI 分区空间过小
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This translation Translated Installer/Installer
The following string has the same context and source.
Translated Installer/Initial Setup


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Select Keyboard Layout
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Installer / InstallerChinese (zh)

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