Erase and Install
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Test Mode 测试模式
Ignore 忽略
Not Enough Space 空间不足
There is not enough room on your device to install %s. We recommend a minimum of %s of storage. 您设备的剩余空间不足,无法安装 %s。建议的的储存空间大小为 %s。
Your Device May Be Too Slow 您的设备可能运行缓慢
Your device doesn't meet the recommended hardware requirements. This may cause it to run slowly or freeze. 您的设备配置未达到推荐配置要求,可能会导致运行缓慢或死机。
Virtual Machine
You appear to be installing in a virtual machine. Some parts of %s may run slowly, freeze, or not function properly in a virtual machine. It's recommended to install on real hardware.
Recommended: 推荐:
Your Device: 您的设备:
Processor: 处理器:
Memory: 内存:
Select a Drive 选择硬盘
This will erase all data on the selected drive. If you have not backed your data up, you can cancel the installation and use Demo Mode. 此操作会抹掉硬盘中的所有数据,如果您还未备份您的数据,可以取消安装并使用试用模式。
Getting the current configuration… 正在获取当前配置…
Erase and Install 抹掉并安装
Don’t Encrypt 不加密
Enable Drive Encryption 启用硬盘加密
Encrypt this device's drive if required for added protection, but be sure you understand: 如需要额外保护,您可以加密这台设备的硬盘,但请务必知晓:
Data will only be protected from others with physical access to this device when it is shut down. 数据将受到保护,无法被他人以物理方式获取,但仅限于设备已关机时。
The encryption password will be required each time this device is turned on. Store it somewhere safe. 每次启动该设备,都将需要输入解密密码。请务必在某个安全的地方保存好密码。
A built-in or USB keyboard will be required to type the encryption password each time this device is turned on. 每次启动设备时需要使用内置或 USB 外接的键盘来输入解密密码。
If you forget the encryption password, <b>you will not be able to recover data.</b> This is a unique password for this device, not the password for your user account. 如果您忘记了加密密码, <b>您将无法恢复数据</b>。 加密密码是针对该设备的密码,而非账户密码。
Choose Encryption Password 选择加密密码
Confirm Password 确认密码
Back 返回
Choose Password 选择密码
Set Encryption Password 设置加密密码
Passwords do not match 密码不匹配
Could Not Install 无法安装
Installing %s failed, possibly due to a hardware error. The device may not restart properly. You can try the following: 安装 %s 失败,可能是硬件错误导致的。设备可能没有正常重启。您可以尝试以下操作:


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Erase and Install
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Erase and Install
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