Don't Encrypt
Don’t Encrypt
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Ignore 忽略
Not Enough Space 沒有足夠空間
There is not enough room on your device to install %s. We recommend a minimum of %s of storage. 您的裝置沒有足夠空間可安裝 %s。我們建議至少要有 %s 的空間。
Your Device May Be Too Slow 您的裝置可能過慢
Your device doesn't meet the recommended hardware requirements. This may cause it to run slowly or freeze. 您的裝置未滿足建議硬體需求。這可能導致電腦十分緩慢,或是凍結不動。
Connect to a Power Source 請連接電源
Your device is running on battery power. It's recommended to be plugged in while installing. 您的裝置正依靠電池運行。我們建議安裝之時插入電源。
Recommended: 建議:
Your Device: 您的裝置:
Processor: 處理器:
Memory: 記憶體:
Select a Drive 選擇一個磁碟
This will erase all data on the selected drive. If you have not backed your data up, you can cancel the installation and use Demo Mode. 這會抹除選取裝置上的所有資料。若您尚未備份您的資料,您可以取消安裝並操作展示模式。
Getting the current configuration… 取得目前設定組態…
Erase and Install 抹除並安裝
Don’t Encrypt 不要加密
Enable Drive Encryption 磁碟加密
Encrypt this device's drive if required for added protection, but be sure you understand:
Data will only be protected from others with physical access to this device when it is shut down. 加密這個磁碟可保護資料,避免他人以物理方式存取此裝置的資料。
The encryption password will be required each time this device is turned on. Store it somewhere safe. 每次您開啟或重新啟動此裝置時,將會需要使用加密密碼。
A built-in or USB keyboard will be required to type the encryption password each time this device is turned on.
If you forget the encryption password, <b>you will not be able to recover data.</b> This is a unique password for this device, not the password for your user account. 如果您忘記加密密嗎,<b>您將無法將資料復原。</b>此密碼有別於您帳戶所使用的密碼,只用於此裝置上。
Choose Encryption Password 選擇加密密碼
Confirm Password 確認密碼
Back 返回
Choose Password 選擇密碼
Set Encryption Password 選擇加密密碼
Passwords do not match 密碼與確認密碼不一致
Could Not Install 無法安裝
Installing %s failed, possibly due to a hardware error. The device may not restart properly. You can try the following: %s 安裝失敗,可能是硬體錯誤導致。您的裝置可能無法正常重新啟動。您可以嘗試下列動作:
Try the installation again • 嘗試重裝一次


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