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Removed duplicate sender addresses when composing a message
Fix a freeze when archiving the last message in a folder
Renamed Office 365 to Microsoft 365 to follow suite on Microsoft's rebranding
Fix a potential crash while loading messages
Secondary-click menu on the conversations list
Ensure conversations are re-sorted by date when new messages appear
Fixed sender combobox after opening a mailto link
Mark sent messages as read
Fix a hang when deleting the last message in a mailbox
Fix an issue where some mail fails to be deleted
Use accent color for unread message titles
Autoselect the next message after archiving
Use local time in message headers
Send a notification when new messages arrive
Add a button to manually fetch new messages
Automatically select the next message after deleting
Filter unread or starred conversations
Make sure we don't save sent messages twice for accounts
Fix a potential crash when changing folders
Improve search performance
Fix an issue that prevented some messaging from rendering at all
Set the correct "From" address when replying and multiple accounts are set up
Fix a crash on startup for some conversations
Only save drafts when there are new changes
Move Undo notification to the message view
Preserve conversation subjects when replying or forwarding
Disable the composer while messages are being sent
Edit saved draft messages
Make sure we don't save sent messages twice for some account types
Stability improvements
Complete rewrite from scratch


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