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List column title Album Album
List column title Album Artist Artista ng Album
List column title Composer Nag-compose
List column title Genre Uri ng awit
List column title Year Taon
List column title Grouping Pag-grupo
List column title Bitrate
List column title Rating Marka
List column title Plays Ilang beses na pinatugtog
List column title Skips Iniskip
List column title Date Added Petsa ng Pagdagdag
List column title Last Played Huling Pinatugtog
List column title (beats per minute) BPM BPM
List column title (file location) Location Kinalalagyan
List column title File Size Laki ng File
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1234 kbps 1234 kbps
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Get Some Tunes Kumuha ng mga Tugtugin
Add music to your library. Magdagdag ng musika sa iyong library.
Import music from a source into your library. Mag-import ng musika mula sa isang pagmumulan papunta sa iyong library.
Change Music Folder Baguhin ang Folder ng Musika
Load music from a folder, a network or an external disk. Magbukas ng musika mula sa isang folder, sa network o sa external na disk.
Import your Music I-import ang iyong Musika
Import all your Music from %s into your library. I-import ang iyong Musika mula sa %s papunta sa iyong library.
Select Music Folder Pumili ng Folder ng Musika
No Songs Walang mga kanta
Updating playlist. Please wait. Ina-update ang playlist. Maaaring maghintay.
To add songs to this playlist, use the <b>secondary click</b> on an item and choose <b>Add to Playlist</b>. Para magdagdag ng mga kanta sa playlist na ito, gamitin ang <b>secondary click</b> sa isang aytem at piliin ang <b>Idagdag sa Playlist</b>.
Edit Smart Playlist Baguhin ang Smart Playlist
This playlist will be automatically populated with songs that match its rules. To modify these rules, use the <b>secondary click</b> on it in the sidebar and click on <b>Edit</b>. Optionally, you can click on the button below.
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Awtomatikong Ayusin ang Sukat ng mga Kolum

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Awtomatikong Ayusin ang Sukat ng mga Kolum
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Awtomatikong Ayusin ang Sukat ng mga Kolum
a month ago
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