Favorite Songs
Context English Chinese (Simplified) State
days ago 天前
kbps 千比特/秒
Sync will remove %i item from %s 同步将从 %s 中移除 %i 个项目
If you continue to sync, media will be removed from %s since they are not on the sync list. Would you like to import them to your library first? 如果您继续同步,媒体将从 %s 中移除因为它们不在同步列表中。您先要将它们导入到库中吗?
Continue Syncing 继续同步
Import 导入
Importing music from %s… 正在导入 %s 中的音乐…
Adding files to library… 正在添加文件到媒体库…
<b>Importing</b> music to library… <b> 正在导入 </b> 音乐到媒体库…
All music files are already in your library 所有音乐文件已在媒体库中
No files were imported. 未导入任何文件。
Rescanning music for changes. This may take a while… 重新扫描文件更改。请稍等…
Added to your queue: 已添加到您的队列:
%d Track %d 曲目
Favorite Songs 喜爱的歌曲
Recently Added 最近添加的
Recent Favorites 最近喜爱的
Never Played 从未播放的
Over Played 经常播放的
Not Recently Played 近期未播的
History 历史
Playlists 播放列表
Device Name: 设备名称:
Device Name 设备名称
Automatically sync when plugged in: 当插入时自动同步:
Sync: 同步:
Sync 同步
All Music 所有音乐
Sync Failed 同步失败
The playlist named %s is used to sync device %s, but could not be found. 播放列表 %s 被用来同步设备 %s,但未发现该列表。


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