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Import 导入
Importing music from %s… 正在导入 %s 中的音乐…
Adding files to library… 正在添加文件到媒体库…
<b>Importing</b> music to library… <b> 正在导入 </b> 音乐到媒体库…
All music files are already in your library 所有音乐文件已在媒体库中
No files were imported. 未导入任何文件。
Rescanning music for changes. This may take a while… 重新扫描文件更改。请稍等…
Added to your queue: 已添加到您的队列:
%d Track %d 曲目
Favorite Songs 喜爱的歌曲
Recently Added 最近添加的
Recent Favorites 最近喜爱的
Never Played 从未播放的
Over Played 经常播放的
Not Recently Played 近期未播的
History 历史
Playlists 播放列表
Device Name: 设备名称:
Device Name 设备名称
Automatically sync when plugged in: 当插入时自动同步:
Sync: 同步:
Sync 同步
All Music 所有音乐
Sync Failed 同步失败
The playlist named %s is used to sync device %s, but could not be found. 播放列表 %s 被用来同步设备 %s,但未发现该列表。
Cannot Sync 无法同步
Cannot sync device with selected sync settings. Not enough space on disk 无法使用选中的同步设置来同步设备。磁盘无足够空间
Device is already doing an operation. 设备已在执行操作。
Cancelling… 正在取消…
Device operation has been cancelled and will stop after this media. 设备操作已被取消且会在该媒体完成后停止。
No Results 无结果


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