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Audio Player 音频播放器
Adding <b>$NAME</b> by <b>$ARTIST</b> to $DEVICE 正在添加 <b>$NAME</b>(艺术家 <b>$ARTIST</b>) 到 $DEVICE
Syncing <b>%s</b>… 正在同步 <b>%s</b>…
Removing <b>$NAME</b> by <b>$ARTIST</b> from $DEVICE 正在移除 $DEVICE 中的 <b>$NAME</b>(艺人 <b>$ARTIST</b>)
Removing from <b>%s</b>… 正在从 <b>%s</b> 移除…
Finishing sync process… 正在完成同步…
Cancelling Sync… 正在取消同步…
No similar songs found 未发现相似歌曲
There are no songs similar to the current song in your library. Make sure all song info is correct and you are connected to the Internet. Some songs may not have matches. 媒体库中没有与当前曲目类似的歌曲。确保全部歌曲信息正确并已连接到网络。部分歌曲可能无法匹配。
Similar 相似
media 媒体
Similar Media 类似媒体
Import Complete 导入完成
Your Library Has Been Imported. 您的库已导入成功。
<b>Copying</b> files to <b>Music Folder</b>… <b>正在复制</b>文件<b>音乐文件夹</b>…
Music 音乐
Import to Library… 导入…
Preferences 首选项
Previous 上一首
Play 播放
Next 下一首
Search Music 搜索音乐
Pause 暂停
No songs in Queue 队列中无歌曲
To add songs to the queue, use the <b>secondary click</b> on an item and choose <b>Queue</b>. When a song finishes, the queued songs will be played first before the next song in the currently playing list. 要添加歌曲到队列,使用 <b>右击</b> 条目并选择<b>队列</b>。当歌曲结束时,队列歌曲将先于当前播放列表中的下一首歌曲播放。
No songs in History 历史中无歌曲
After a part of a song has been played, it is added to the history list.
You can use this list to see all the songs you have played during the current session.
Import Music 导入音乐
Name of the playlist Queue 队列
File not found 找不到文件
The music file for <b>%s</b> by <b>%s</b> could not be found. 无法找到 <b>%s</b> 艺术家 <b>%s</b> 的音乐文件。
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