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Photo Manager
Photos is an easy-to-use, fast photo organizer. It allows you to import photos from your camera or disk, organize them by date and subject matter, even ratings. It also offers basic photo editing, like crop, red-eye correction, color adjustments, and straighten. Photos' non-destructive photo editor does not alter your master photos, making it easy to experiment and correct errors.
Photos supports JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and a variety of RAW file formats.
Draw selection rectangle when dragging to select
Show image titles in preview mode
Translation updates
Fix keyboard activation in tool windows
Show saved state correctly in the context-menu
Add Open In menu to the photo viewer
Add checkerboard behind semi-transparent photos in grid view
Fix pasting in comment box
Make sure we show the right apps in the Open In menu
Redesign a large number of dialogs
Fix building against latest gexiv2
Use Granite.MessageDialog throughout
Use Gtk.FileChooserNative throughout
Minor bug fixes
Fix plugin windows not expanding
Search box no longer loses focus after character input
Colorized tint and temperature scales
Add zoom to fit page button
Various UI fixes and improvements
Prefer dark theme
WebP format support
Improved HiDPI support
Preserve metadata when opening photo directly from the filesystem
Fix navigation to next photo with left/right arrow keys on keyboard
Left bracket key rotates counterclockwise now
Moved search into the headerbar and fixed a bug that prevents typing into the searchbox


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