Redesign a large number of dialogs
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Photo Viewer 照片
multimedia-photo-viewer multimedia-photo-viewer
Photos 照片
Organize your photos 管理您的照片
Photo Manager 照片管理器
album;cameras;crop;edit;enhance;export;gallery;images;import;organize;photographs;photos;pictures;photography;print;publish;rotate;share;tags;video; 相册;相机;剪裁;编辑;增强;导出;展示;图像;导入;管理;摄影;照片;图片;拍摄;打印;发布;旋转;分享;标签;视频;
Photos is an easy-to-use, fast photo organizer. It allows you to import photos from your camera or disk, organize them by date and subject matter, even ratings. It also offers basic photo editing, like crop, red-eye correction, color adjustments, and straighten. Photos' non-destructive photo editor does not alter your master photos, making it easy to experiment and correct errors. Photos 是一款易用、快速的照片管理器。它允许您从相机或磁盘或相机导入图片,按照日期、主题甚至评价去组织它们。它还提供基本的图片编辑,如裁剪、红眼修正、颜色调整和水平较正等功能。Photos 十分安全,编辑图片时不会涂改您的原图,因此很容易进行各种尝试并纠正错误。
Photos supports JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and a variety of RAW file formats. 应用支持 JPEG、PNG、TIFF 和多种 RAW 文件格式。
Show saved state correctly in the context-menu 在上下文菜单中显示正确的已保存状态
Translation updates 翻译更新
Add Open In menu to the photo viewer 在照片查看器中加入打开方式菜单
Add checkerboard behind semi-transparent photos in grid view 在网格视图中的半透明区域背景加入棋盘图案
Fix pasting in comment box 修复注释框内的粘贴问题
Make sure we show the right apps in the Open In menu 在打开方式中显示正确的应用程序
Redesign a large number of dialogs 重新设计的对话框
Fix building against latest gexiv2 修复最新版本 gexiv2 的构建问题
Use Granite.MessageDialog throughout 全面使用 Granite.MessageDialog
Use Gtk.FileChooserNative throughout 全面使用 Gtk.FileChooserNative
Minor bug fixes 细节修复
Fix plugin windows not expanding 修复插件窗口无法展开的问题
Search box no longer loses focus after character input 键入关键词后搜索窗口不再失焦
Colorized tint and temperature scales 优化着色器色彩和色温比例
Add zoom to fit page button 添加缩放至全页按钮
Various UI fixes and improvements 多项 UI 修复和改进
Prefer dark theme 暗色主题
WebP format support 新增 WebP 格式支持
Improved HiDPI support 改进的 HiDPI 支持
Preserve metadata when opening photo directly from the filesystem 从文件系统直接打开照片时保护文件元数据
Fix navigation to next photo with left/right arrow keys on keyboard 修复左/右方向键切换照片的问题
Left bracket key rotates counterclockwise now 左方括号键现在可以控制逆时针旋转了


Redesign a large number of dialogs
a month ago
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