/ Translators: Someone has stopped the Printer
printer state
Context English Norwegian Nynorsk State
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printer state Low on toner Lite toner att
printer state Out of toner Ikkje meir toner
printer state Low on developer Lite utviklar (developer) att
printer state Out of developer Ikkje meir utviklar (developer)
printer state Low on a marker supply Lite farge att
printer state Out of a marker supply Tom for farge
printer state Open cover Opne lokket
printer state Open door Opne døra
printer state Low on paper Lite papir
printer state Out of paper Tomt for papir
printer state Offline Fråkopla
printer state Stopped Stoppa
printer state Waste receptacle almost full Papirkorga er nesten full
printer state Waste receptacle full Papirkorga er full
printer state The optical photo conductor is near end of life Bilettrommelen er snart oppbrukt
printer state The optical photo conductor is no longer functioning Bilettrommelen fungerer ikkje lenger
Unnamed Printer Legg til skrivar
Ready Klar
Print Job Pending Jobb ventar
Print Job On Hold På vent
Print Job In Progress
Print Job Stopped Stoppa
Print Job Canceled Avbryt
Print Job Aborted Jobb avbroten
Print Job Completed Jobb fullført
Print Queue Is Empty Utskriftskøa er tom
There are no pending jobs in the queue. Ingen jobbar i utskriftskøa.
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This translation Propagated Translated Switchboard/Printers Plug
The following string has different context, but the same source.
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printer state
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/ Translators: Someone has stopped the Printer
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