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Manage user accounts वापरकर्ता खाती व्यवस्थापित करा
Authentication is required to change user data वापरकर्ता डेटा बदलण्यासाठी प्रमाणीकरण आवश्यक आहे
User Accounts Settings वापरकर्ता खाती सेटिंग्ज
Manage account permissions and configure user names, passwords, and photos खाते परवानग्या व्यवस्थापित करा आणि वापरकर्ता नावे, पासवर्ड आणि फोटो कॉन्फिगर करा
Update permissions when enabling and disabling accounts खाती सक्षम किंवा अक्षम करण्यासाठी मागणीनुसार परवानगी मिळवा
Updated translations अद्ययावत भाषांतर
Ensure user information in sidebar updates upon changes
Support locales with 3-letter codes
Performance improvements
Better support for non-Ubuntu based distributions
Minor updates:
New colorful avatar fallback
Improved tooltips and labels
Fix possible crash when deleting an account
Show more accurate reasons for locked settings लॉक केलेल्या सेटिंग्जसाठी अधिक अचूक कारणे दर्शवा
Improve reliability of account creation खाते तयार करण्याची विश्वसनीयता सुधारित करा
Get permission on demand for enabling or disabling accounts खाती सक्षम किंवा अक्षम करण्यासाठी मागणीनुसार परवानगी मिळवा
Show in sidebar if an account is disabled खाते अक्षम केले असल्यास साइडबारमध्ये दर्शवा
Ask for permission when adding and removing accounts खाती जोडताना आणि काढताना परवानगीसाठी विचारा
Animate Infobars इन्फोबार अ‍ॅनिमेट करा
Component Translation Difference to current string
This translation Propagated Translated Switchboard/User Accounts Plug (Extra)
The following strings have the same context and source.
Propagated Translated Switchboard/Mouse & Touchpad Plug (Extra)
Propagated Translated Switchboard/Notifications Plug (Extra)
Propagated Translated Switchboard/Sharing Plug (Extra)
Propagated Translated Switchboard/Networking Plug (Extra)
Propagated Translated Switchboard/Screen Time & Limits Plug (Extra)
Propagated Translated Switchboard/Printers Plug (Extra)
Propagated Translated Switchboard/Power Plug (Extra)
Propagated Translated Switchboard/Online Accounts Plug (Extra)
Propagated Translated Switchboard/Locale Plug (Extra)
Propagated Translated Switchboard/Switchboard (Extra)
Propagated Translated Switchboard/Date & Time Plug (Extra)
Propagated Translated Switchboard/Bluetooth Plug (Extra)
Propagated Translated Switchboard/Display Plug (Extra)
Propagated Translated Switchboard/System Plug (Extra)
Propagated Translated Switchboard/Desktop Plug (Extra)
Propagated Translated Switchboard/Universal Access Plug (Extra)
Propagated Translated Switchboard/Keyboard Plug (Extra)
Propagated Translated Switchboard/Applications Plug (Extra)
Propagated Translated Switchboard/Sound Plug (Extra)


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