Do not use the marks on an overly-busy background; solid colors work best.
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Brand Jenama
The elementary brand is unique: technically it belongs to elementary, Inc., the company that guides and supports development of elementary products. However, we have a great community and don’t want to be too overbearing with legal requirements and technicalities. As such, we have written up some guidelines to make it easier to understand when and how the elementary brand should be used.
Company and Product Names
The word <strong>elementary</strong> is a trademark of elementary, Inc. to refer to the company itself. It is always lower-case, even when beginning sentences. It may also be used along with product names (i.e. “elementary OS”) to refer to a specific product of elementary, Inc.
The primary product of elementary, Inc. is <strong>elementary OS</strong>. For clarity, elementary OS should never be shortened to “elementary” or any abbreviation.
Brand Marks Tanda Jenama
elementary, Inc. claims two marks: the <strong>“elementary” logotype</strong> and the <strong>“e” logomark</strong>. Both are considered trademarks and represent elementary, Inc.
Both should be used with the following in mind: Kedua-duanya patut digunakan dengan syarat-syarat berikut:
Do not stretch, skew, rotate, flip, or otherwise alter the marks. Jangan rengang, pencong, putar, kalih, atau mengubahkan tanda-tanda tersebut.
Do not use the marks on an overly-busy background; solid colors work best. Jangan letak tanda atas latar belakang yang merumitkan; warna tegar atau kosong adalah yang terbaik!
The marks should always be monochromatic; typically white if on a dark background, or black if on a light background. Tanda-tanda senantiasa monokromatik; biasanya warna putih dengan latar belakang gelap, atau hitam jika berlatar belakang cerah.
Logotype Logotip
elementary Logotype Logotip elementary
The logotype is to be used when space allows to refer to elementary, Inc., or it can be used before a product name to refer to a specific product of elementary, Inc.
The logotype should always be used under the following guidelines: Logotip sepatutnya digunakan dengan garis panduan berikut:
Do not attempt to recreate the logotype. It is a meticulously-designed brand mark, not simply “elementary” written in a specific font.
Do not use the logotype at small sizes; if it is not clear, use the logomark instead. Jangan guna logotip dengan saiz kecil; jika ia tidak jelas, gunakan tanda logo sebagai pengganti.
Logomark Tanda Logo
elementary Logomark Tanda Logo elementary
The “e” logomark is to be used to refer to elementary, Inc. when space is constrained or a square ratio is required.
Color Warna
We employ the use of color combined with our name and marks to establish our brand. We use the following palette:
Strawberry Strawberi
Strawberry 100
Strawberry 300


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