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Company and Product Names
The word <strong>elementary</strong> is a trademark of elementary, Inc. to refer to the company itself. It is always lower-case, even when beginning sentences. It may also be used along with product names (i.e. “elementary OS”) to refer to a specific product of elementary, Inc.
The primary product of elementary, Inc. is <strong>elementary OS</strong>. For clarity, elementary OS should never be shortened to “elementary” or any abbreviation.
Brand Marks
elementary, Inc. claims two marks: the <strong>“elementary” logotype</strong> and the <strong>“e” logomark</strong>. Both are considered trademarks and represent elementary, Inc.
Both should be used with the following in mind:
Do not stretch, skew, rotate, flip, or otherwise alter the marks.
Do not use the marks on an overly-busy background; solid colors work best.
The marks should always be monochromatic; typically white if on a dark background, or black if on a light background.
elementary Logotype
The logotype is to be used when space allows to refer to elementary, Inc., or it can be used before a product name to refer to a specific product of elementary, Inc.
The logotype should always be used under the following guidelines:
Do not attempt to recreate the logotype. It is a meticulously-designed brand mark, not simply “elementary” written in a specific font.
Do not use the logotype at small sizes; if it is not clear, use the logomark instead.
elementary Logomark
The “e” logomark is to be used to refer to elementary, Inc. when space is constrained or a square ratio is required.
Color Culoare
We employ the use of color combined with our name and marks to establish our brand. We use the following palette:
Strawberry 100
Strawberry 300
Strawberry 500
Strawberry 700
Strawberry 900
Orange Portocaliu
Orange 100
Orange 300
Orange 500
Orange 700


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