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Code of Conduct Código de Conducta
Community Guidelines Principios de la Comunidad
Being involved in the elementary community is an incredible experience; you get to be a part of something big, collaborate with people from around the world, and help people make their computers awesome. However, with that comes a responsibility to follow a predefined set of rules that ensures the best environment for all involved. The following rules are expected to be adhered to any time you’re involved with the community, be it in Slack, on GitHub, on an elementary community site, in person, or anywhere else. Estar involucrado en la comunidad elementary es una experiencia increíble; puedes ser parte de algo grande, colaborar con personas de todo el mundo y ayudar a las personas a hacer que sus computadoras sean increíbles. Sin embargo, con eso viene la responsabilidad de seguir un conjunto predefinido de reglas que garantice el mejor entorno para todos los involucrados. Se espera que se cumplan las siguientes reglas cada vez que se involucre con la comunidad, ya sea en Slack, en GitHub, en un sitio comunitario primario, en persona o en cualquier otro lugar.
I. Respect I. Respeto
Respecting others is paramount. Be sure to respect people and their opinions, personal background, privacy, and ideas. The elementary community is not a place for disrespectful or hurtful remarks for any reason whatsoever. When giving criticism, approach it constructively and respectfully. Personal attacks are not tolerated. When receiving constructive criticism, take it into consideration and thank the critic for their input, no matter your stance. Respetar a los demás es primordial. Asegúrese de respetar a las personas y sus opiniones, antecedentes personales, privacidad e ideas. La comunidad elementary no es un lugar para comentarios irrespetuosos o hirientes por ningún motivo. Al criticar, acéptalo de manera constructiva y respetuosa. Los ataques personales no son tolerados. Cuando reciba críticas constructivas, tómelas en consideración y agradezca al crítico su contribución, sin importar su postura.
II. Content II. Contenido
The elementary community is made up of thousands of users of varying ages, beliefs, and levels of maturity. Because of this, you must be conscious of the content you produce and the remarks you make. No nudity, excess vulgarity, political content, religious content, or inappropriate content should appear in relation to elementary. Ultimately, the elementary moderators have the final say as to what constitutes as inappropriate. If in doubt, consider whether or not it’s something you’d show to a room full of people including children and grandmothers from around the world. If you’re hesitant, don’t do it. La comunidad elementary está compuesta por miles de usuarios de diferentes edades, creencias y niveles de madurez. Debido a esto, debes ser consciente del contenido que produces y de los comentarios que haces. No debe aparecer desnudez, exceso de vulgaridad, contenido político, contenido religioso o contenido inapropiado en relación con elementary. En última instancia, los moderadores de elementary tienen la última palabra sobre lo que se considera inapropiado. En caso de duda, considere si es o no algo que mostraría a una sala llena de personas, incluidos niños y abuelas de todo el mundo. Si duda, no lo haga.
Screenshots shared in elementary-moderated communities should not contain themes that imitate another OS, photos or illustrations objectifying an individual, or content that otherwise violates our Code of Conduct. Las capturas de pantalla compartidas en comunidades moderadas por elementary no deben contener temas que imiten a otro sistema operativo, fotos o ilustraciones objetivando a un individuo, o contenido que de otra manera viole nuestro Código de Conducta.
III. Rumors and Speculation III. Rumores y especulaciones
While the fast-paced and exciting nature of elementary contributes to the want to spread rumors or speculation, avoid it. Discussing future plans is alright, but anytime it’s not a verified fact, disclose it as personal speculation or do not discuss it. Spreading inaccurate information can be detrimental to the community, especially if spread in a negative light. Si bien la naturaleza acelerada y emocionante de elementary contribuye a la necesidad de difundir rumores o especulaciones, evítelo. Discutir planes futuros está bien, pero cada vez que no es un hecho verificado, divulgarlo como especulación personal o no discutirlo. Difundir información incorrecta puede ser perjudicial para la comunidad, especialmente si se difunde de manera negativa.
IV. Helpful Discussion IV. Discusión útil
elementary is powered by individuals coming together in their free time to create something special. It’s important to respect that fact and to always try to contribute to healthy, helpful discussion. If in a meeting, keep on-topic and stay quiet unless you have something helpful that pertains to the immediate discussion. If commenting on the website, keep the discussion related to the content of the Journal entry or Answer topic. If participating in a developer-oriented discussion such as an issue tracker, pull request, mailing list, IRC, or Slack, do not create unnecessary noise by discussing non-development topics; this only derails the discussion and muddies up the logs for developers who may not be present.
As a primarily online-based community, it’s important we avoid the potentially negative aspects of the Internet. Do not troll; starting fights or making remarks with the sole purpose of making someone mad is childish and unacceptable. Spam is also unacceptable; this includes posting links to irrelevant sites and repeatedly posting links to the same site. If someone is trolling or spamming, ignore and flag the user.
V. Avoiding Conflict V. Evitando Conflictos
If you feel someone—be it a new or longtime contributor—is coming off as rude, kindly let the person know. Getting out in front of issues before they compound is critical. Everyone has a role to play in helping communication flow smoothly in our (sometimes challengingly) unique work environment.
Similarly, always strive to be professional, accurate, and respectful when interacting with or mentioning other projects, companies, or people. Remember that your words and interactions may be perceived as those of the greater elementary community. While constructive criticism can be helpful, always approach it from a positive direction, and never misrepresent or slander—if you are unsure, err on the side of omitting.


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