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Installation Installasjon
Download elementary OS Last ned elementary OS
If you haven't already, you will need to <a href="/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">download elementary OS from our home page</a>. You will need to copy the downloaded ISO file to a USB flash drive using the instructions below. <a href="/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Last ned elementary OS frå heimesida vår</a>, om du ikkje allereie har gjort det. Du treng ein kopi av ISO-fila på ein minnepenn når du følger instruksjonane nedanfor.
Frequently-Asked Questions
See the <a href="{#release_faq}">frequently-asked questions for this release</a>.
Recommended System Specifications Anbefalte systemspesifikasjonar
While we don't have a strict set of minimum system requirements, we recommend at least the following specifications for the best experience: Sjølv om me ikkje har strenge minstekrav for systemspesifikasjonar, så anbefalar me dei følgjande spesifikasjonane for den beste opplevinga:
Recent Intel i3 or comparable dual-core 64-bit processor Nyleg Intel i3-prosessor eller samanliknbar tokjerna 64-bit prosessor
4 GB of system memory (RAM) 4 GB med systemminne (RAM)
Solid state drive (SSD) with at least 32 GB of free space
Internet access Tilgong til internett
Built-in or wired mouse/touchpad and keyboard
1024×768 minimum resolution display
You will also need a spare USB flash drive with at least 4 GB of storage for installation.
<strong>We do not recommend virtual machines as they don't perform as well as a full install.</strong> If you are attempting to install in a virtual machine, enable EFI if possible but understand you may encounter other issues.
Back Up Your Data Ta tryggleikskopi av filene dine
Make sure to back your important data up to an external location such as a cloud service or an external hard drive. Installing a new operating system may overwrite your existing data. Hugs å ta ein tryggleikskopi av filene dine. Du kan lasta dei ned til ein minnepenn eller harddisk, eller bruka ei nettsky-teneste. Når du installerar eit nytt operativsystem kan det fjerna filene som du allereie har på maskina.
Step-by-step Guide
Follow the video above, or select the operating system you are currently using to view tailored installation instructions below.
Windows Windows
macOS macOS
Verify Your Download
Verifying your download is an important step: we generate a &quot;checksum&quot; for elementary OS images and recommend that you verify that your download matches that checksum before trying to install. This ensures that you've received the full, complete download and that it is not corrupted.
Assuming you downloaded elementary OS to your Windows Downloads folder, open the Command Prompt in Windows and run the following command:
It should produce the output:
If the checksum does not match, you may need to re-download your copy of elementary OS and ensure it completes downloading before re-verifying it.
Creating an Install Drive Lag ein installasjonsdisk
To create an elementary OS install drive you'll need a USB flash drive that is at least 4 GB in capacity and an app called &quot;Etcher&quot;.
Download Etcher
etcher steps


Back Up Your Data
Ta tryggleikskopi av filene dine
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