Learning the Basics
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Learn about the elementary OS desktop and how to navigate windows, workspaces, and more.
The elementary OS desktop consists of two elements: the Panel and the Dock. You can customize the desktop wallpaper by secondary-clicking the desktop—right click on a mouse, or two-finger tap on a touchpad. You can also change the desktop's look and behavior from <strong><a href="#system-settings">System Settings</a></strong> → <strong>Desktop</strong>.
At the top of the desktop is the Panel. On the left is the Applications Menu, in the center are the date and time, and on the right are the System Indicators.
Applications Menu Appmeny
Date &amp; Time
System Indicators
The Panel Panelet
To open or search for installed apps, select <strong>Applications</strong> on the Panel. You can page through your apps by scrolling on a mouse, swiping with two fingers on a touchpad, or by using the pager dots at the bottom. You can also use the view switcher at the top to switch between showing your apps in a grid or a categorized list.
Start typing in the Applications Menu to search your apps by name or by keyword. Searching will also display app actions and System Settings. For example, by searching you can:
<strong>Shut Down</strong> or <strong>Restart</strong> your device
<strong>Compose Message</strong> with Mail
Open a <strong>New Incognito Window</strong> in Web
Calculate quick math operations like <strong>23 * 5</strong>
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Learning the Basics
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