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Once you’ve selected a project, you can provide suggestions for strings that have not yet been translated, or suggest changes to strings that have already been translated. These suggestions will be evaluated by a translation team member and they will choose the most appropriate one. For a more info on Weblate, you can refer to its <a href="">documentation</a>.
By default, you're only able to suggest translations. If you would like to get permissions to save translations, <a href="">join the translators Slack</a> and message an admin your Weblate username and what language you want to translate.
When translating you may encounter a situation where you have to decide between several ways of saying the same thing. In these situations we refer to the Ubuntu <a href="">general translator guide</a>, and for language specific issues, we follow Ubuntu's <a href="">team translation guidelines</a>. Following these guidelines ensures uniform translations, while also allowing anyone to contribute.
If you don't want to translate using Weblate, or want to make a lot a changes at once, you can also translate offline. To do so:
Go to a project you want to translate 選一個你想要翻譯的專案吧
Choose your language 選擇你的語言
Click on &quot;Files&quot; and then select &quot;Download translation as gettext PO&quot;
Choose your favorite text-, code- or PO-editor (e.g. <a href="">Poedit</a>)
Start translating 開始翻譯
Once you've finished, use the &quot;Upload translation&quot; option in the &quot;Files&quot; menu on the same page you downloaded them from.
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