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Everything that we make is 100% open source and developed collaboratively by people from all over the world. Even if you're not a programmer, you can get involved and make a difference. Viskas, ką mes kuriame yra 100% atviro kodo ir sukurta, bendradarbiaujant su žmonėmis iš viso pasaulio. Netgi, jei nesate programuotojas, galite įsitraukti ir kurti pokyčius.
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With the help of our users and fans, we've been able to grow from a small group of passionate volunteers into a tiny but sustainable company. Every little bit of support helps us improve elementary OS and tackle even more ambitious problems.
Directly fund elementary and get a badge on your GitHub profile to show your support. GitHub Sponsors doesn't charge any fees, so it's a great way to make your contribution go farther.
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Patreon works like an ongoing crowdfunding campaign. Choose an amount to contribute each month to help us reach our goals. Plus, earn exclusive rewards and read exclusive content early.
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PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online! PayPal - Saugiausias, lengviausias būdas mokėti internetu!
Set up a recurring contribution through Liberapay, the open source and non-profit funding platform.
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elementary OS is created and used by people from all around the World; help us make the experience even better by translating it into more languages. elementary OS yra sukurta ir naudojama žmonių iš viso pasaulio; padėkite mums padaryti šį patyrimą dar geresniu - verskite jį į daugiau kalbų.
Both elementary OS and our website are openly translated using an online platform called Weblate. Tiek elementary OS, tiek ir mūsų svetainė yra atvirai verčiama, naudojant internetinę platformą, pavadinimu "Weblate".
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Stack Exchange is a Q&A website built around finding the best answers to common questions. Anyone can create an account to start asking and answering. Stack Exchange yra klausimų ir atsakymų svetainė, kuri sukurta surasti geriausius atsakymus į bendrinius klausimus. Bet kas gali sukurti paskyrą, norėdamas pradėti klausti ar atsakyti.
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