Diner's Club
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The fast, open, and privacy-respecting replacement for Windows and macOS El sustituto de Windows y macOS rápido, abierto y que respeta su privacidad
Generic laptop computer Computadora laptop genérica
elementary OS 5.1 Hera desktop
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elementary OS 5.1.7 Hera | 1.49 GB
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Diner's Club
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What’s New in elementary OS 5.1 Hera
A major update on a solid foundation. Featuring a completely redesigned login and lockscreen greeter, a new onboarding experience, new ways to sideload and install apps, major System Settings updates, improved core apps, and desktop refinements.
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Get free and paid apps on AppCenter, the open, pay-what-you-want app store for indie developers. Each has been reviewed and curated by elementary to ensure a native, privacy-respecting, and secure experience. Obtenga aplicaciones gratuitas y pagas, una tienda de desarrolladores independientes donde paga-lo-que-desea. Cada una de ellas ha sido revisada y curada por elementary para asegurar una experiencia nativa, segura y respetando la privacidad.
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Diner's Club

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Diner's Club

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