Everything We Do is Open Source
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Grid 格狀
Display all your apps in an alphabetized grid. Flick through and find the one you want. 將您所有程式按字母排列放入格中顯示。
Categories 類別
View your apps automatically organized into categories. Perfect for large collections. 將程式自動歸類在各類別中顯示。適合用於大量的程式。
Search 搜尋
Launch apps, open settings panes, run commands, and more from the lightning fast search view. 開啟程式、開啟設定面板、執行指令、和更多快速搜尋顯示的應用。
elementary OS Parental Controls
Icon of an adult holding hand the hand of a child
Parental Controls
Screen Time
Set per-user time limits for weekdays, weekends, or both.
Internet Use
Manage allowed websites. Rules affect all apps for the user, even if they use a different web browser.
Manage Apps
Choose just which apps are safe for your child to access. Plus, optionally allow access with your password.
Everything We Do is Open Source
Our platform itself is entirely open source, and it’s built upon a strong foundation of Free & Open Source software (like GNU/Linux). Plus, we actively collaborate within the ecosystem to improve it for everyone.
Explore Our Stack
Secure & Privacy-respecting
When source code is available to audit, anyone—a security researcher, a concerned user, or an OEM shipping the OS on their hardware—can verify that the software is secure and not collecting or leaking personal information.
Security Notices 安全通告
Built for Developers
Whether your app could benefit from a new system feature or API or you're curious as to how an existing feature or design pattern was built, you have complete access to our source code. Copy it, learn from it, remix it, modify it, and redistribute it.
Get Involved
elementary OS Keyboard Shortcuts
User Friendly. And Keyboard Friendly.
elementary OS is designed to be easy to understand and pick up as a new user. But that doesn’t mean it’s dumbed down; powerful, customizable keyboard shortcuts ensure you’ll stay productive whether it’s your first day or your thousandth.
Privacy-respecting. Through and through.
Your data always belongs to you, and only you. We don’t make advertising deals or collect sensitive personal data. We’re funded directly by our users paying what they want for elementary OS and apps on AppCenter. And that’s how it should be.
Our Privacy Policy
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