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We love working with press—both within the Linux world and the greater tech and culture beats—to share our story and what we are working on. Волимо да радимо са штампом — како у свету Линукса, тако и међу већим технолошким и културним перформансама — да бисмо поделили своју причу и оно на чему радимо.
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“elementary OS is different… a beautiful and powerful operating system.”
“Gets out of the way and lets you focus on what you need to get done.”
“I've found myself more productive these past two weeks [using elementary OS] than in the last two months combined.”
“A fast, low-maintenance platform that can be installed virtually anywhere.”
“Lightweight and fast… and has a real flair for design and appearances.”
“The best way to try elementary [OS] is to install it, and since the install wizard is beautifully simple… that’s fairly easy to do.”
“Ethical and capable replacement for traditional systems such as Windows and macOS… easy to use and customizable to accommodate various workflows.”
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Be the first to know about new releases and significant developments. We send early access to press releases and press kits, including high resolution screenshots. This is a <strong>very low volume</strong> list; we send you the biggest news around once a year. Будите први који ће сазнати о новаим издањима и значајним развојима. Шаљемо рани приступ саопштењима за штампу и комплетима за штампу, укључујући снимке екрана високе резолуције. Ово је списак <strong>врло малог обима</strong>; шаљемо вам највеће вести отприлике једном годишње.
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elementary OS 6.1 Jólnir
Larger strides in less time than ever before with a redesigned window switcher, much improved apps, better portals, and refinements in every corner. OS 6.1 addresses feedback, gets stuff done around the office, and expands compatibility with a wide range of hardware.
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We share frequent updates on development, major announcements, tips for developers, featured apps, and other new content via our official blog. Преко нашег званичног блога делимо честа ажурирања о развоју, главне најаве, савете за програмере, издвојене програме и други нови садржај.
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View the elementary logos, brand usage guidelines, color palette, and community logo. Plus download the official high-resolution and vector elementary logo assets. Погледајте логотипе елементарија, смернице за употребу робне марке, палету боја и логотип заједнице. Уз то преузмите службена добра високе резолуције и векторски логотип елементарија.


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