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Your data always belongs to you, and only you. We don’t make advertising deals or collect sensitive personal data. We’re funded directly by our users paying what they want for elementary OS and apps on AppCenter. And that’s how it should be. Dữ liệu của bạn luôn thuộc về chỉ một mình bạn. Chúng tôi không bán cho quảng cáo hay thu thập thông tin cá nhân nhạy cảm. Chúng tôi được tài trợ trực tiếp từ những người trả tiền mua elementary OS và ứng dụng trên AppCenter. Và nó nên là như vậy.
We actively protect your data from ourselves and others by not collecting it. We believe respecting and protecting your privacy is the ethical thing to do; <strong>people have a fundamental right to the utmost privacy, even from companies and products they trust.</strong>
elementary OS
<strong>We do not collect any data from elementary OS.</strong> Your files, settings, and all other personal data remain on-device unless you explicitly share them with a third-party app or service.
elementary OS comes with built-in privacy protections to help protect your data from others.
elementary OS helps you keep tabs on what apps are up to. When an app is using your microphone, we display an indicator to let you know. When an app is using a lot of energy, we tell you in your power indicator. elementary OS sẽ giúp bạn xem các ứng dụng đang làm gì. Khi có ứng dụng cần dùng micro, chúng tôi sẽ hiện chỉ báo. Khi có ứng dụng tiêu thụ điện nhiều, chúng tôi sẽ nói ở chỉ báo pin.
Permissions Quyền hạn
When an app wants access to your data or devices, it has to ask up front. We review all AppCenter apps to ensure they’re properly using permissions—and you can always revoke them yourself in System Settings. Khi ứng dụng muốn truy cập dữ liệu hay thiết bị của bạn, nó phải luôn hỏi bạn trước. Chúng tôi kiểm duyệt tất cả ứng dụng trong AppCenter để đảm bảo chúng dùng đúng quyền hạn cần thiết—và bạn luôn có thể từ chối những quyền đó trong Cài đặt Hệ thống.
Housekeeping Dọn dẹp
elementary OS automatically keeps your temporary and trashed files tidied up. Not only does this keep your device’s storage free, it can help ensure your private data doesn’t come back to haunt you. elementary OS tự động dọn dẹp dữ liệu tạm và rác cho bạn. Nó không chỉ giúp bạn có thêm dung lượng để lưu trữ, nó còn ngăn việc dữ liệu nhạy cảm quay lại ảnh hưởng bạn.
Online Accounts
elementary OS optionally integrates with online accounts such as email and calendar providers via System Settings. Data from these providers may be retrieved by your copy of elementary OS and stored locally on your device to be displayed in locally-installed apps such as Mail, Calendar, and Tasks. <strong>This data is not sent to elementary or shared with any third party.</strong>
What Data is Collected
If you choose to add an online account, your copy of elementary OS may collect and store your name, email address, avatar, email messages, calendar events, contacts, photos, and files from your connected accounts locally on your device. <strong>elementary does not collect any of this data.</strong>
How Data is Used
<strong>Your data is stored locally on your device and never sent to elementary servers or any third parties.</strong> It is used to populate your locally-installed apps such as Mail, Calendar, Tasks, Files, and Photos with your data so you can access it.
Sharing Data
<strong>elementary OS does not share any data collected from your online accounts.</strong> The data is never sent to elementary or third-party servers.
This website uses the open source Plausible Analytics routed through our <code></code> domain to anonymously count visits, downloads, etc. You can see the same data we can see on <a target="_blank" rel="noopener" href="">the public dashboard</a>. No cookies are used and no personal data—not even an IP address or browser user agent—is stored. For more information, see the <a class="read-more" target="_blank" rel="noopener" href="">Plausible Data Policy</a>


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